2 Weeks AICTE sponsered Workshop on Real Time DSP Applications

The objectives of the Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Workshop or Program are:

  • To Understand Fundamentals of Digital  Signal Processing
  • Design and Implementation of digital filters
  • To explore application specific challenges in signal processing
  • To understand differences between DSPs and other general purpose processors & explore DSP architectures
  • To Choose DSP for an embedded application & Optimization and benchmarking techniques for DSP
  • DSP tools – IDE and real-time application development techniques using DSPs
  • Application specific case studies such as Biomedical Signal Processing, Control & Automation, Audio Processing, etc.
  • To get hands on the Simulation Software for DSP design
  • Selecting the hardware components required for the system
  • http://www.itie.in/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/TI_DSP_Processor_TMS320C6713_Training_ITIE.pdf


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