TI DSP Processor TMS320C6713 Hands on Training

I am incredibly indented to the director of ITIE Knowledge Solutions, Mr. Sanjeev who was as well my tutor during the passporttraining session on Texas Instruments (TI) DSP Processor – TMS320C6713 & TMS320C6416  for Imparting such a pragmatic and thrilling sessions on applied DSP concepts. I also like to take up a chance on thanking Mr James whose philosophy lead me to be self-reliant, self-esteemed ,dedicated as well as committed towards own task and work environment. I do really appreciate the objective of ITIE Knowledge Solutions which is meant for bridging the existing gap between academia and industrial environment.  From the sessions I held at ITIE, I came to deal and link the abstruse algorithms into the real time applications. So was a breakthrough and milestone for me for realizing the concepts, attaining the synergy between the radical components and putting them down into applications. So this was only possible due to the Well-furnished illustrations, visualizations and demonstrations that ITIE projects towards its students. So myself being as a Bachelor student, I felt ITIE bridges the existing gaps between contemporary monotonous classroom sessions (as realized in our college which no more deals with practical implications) and real time exposure to industrial applications.

Besides, it also reinforces its students for academic and non-academic personal development with the aid of its fostering and prosperous environment. It is the one and only platform where we can be inspired by observing the collaboration of people working with different domains, at different academics level getting together, to share their ideas, discover ones deficiency and potential for self-development.

Finally the nonstop working environment at ITIE itself fosters us to each niche to be committed and dedicated to our work. World class teaching environment well-furnished with cutting edge software and hardware enthrals us to innovate and reverse engineer with the vibrant technological background. At last but not at least, tokens of thanks for providing funding and infrastructure for carrying academic project out-house.

 – Manish Bhattarai, Under Graduate from KL University, from Nepal, Presently guiding DSP aspirants via facebook.com/spectrumdsp

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