Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic Training Bangalore

It’s an integrated course in terms of ideas sequence, extracted course materials, presenting skills & practicing sessions.mohammedFor more than 2 years, I have spent much time on selecting a topic or subject in Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)& Fuzzy Logic to my potential Master research. But now after taking this crash course in this field, I could get the route and I have determined obviously the subject, more over what and how to do it in that research. One thing that has extremely admired me is the discussion and focusing course on the latest materials and workshops conducted in that field associated with its application in real life. During the course I have been taught preparatory materials such as Matlab® as a fundamental tool for ANN & Fuzzy Logic, DSP, Image Processing & Speech Applications overview.

– – Mohammed Abdelmoti Elhag Oil Production echnologist @Petro Energy E&P Co Ltd Khartoum, Sudan

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