I strongly recommend anyone who wants learning image or signal processing

First of all, I would thank Mr. Sanjeev Kubakaddi who is one of the most skillful, knowledgeable, modest, and generous people that I have met.  He cares about his trainees inside and outside the training classrooms. Also, he ensures that all trainees understand his Fahad Alqahtanilessons clearly. He has skills to simplify the concepts and deliver information. I enjoyed learning from him and I recommend anyone who wants learning image or signal processing to attend Mr.  Kubakaddi‘s sessions which is I am lucky to attend one of them. In ten days, I able to understand, and apply many of image processing algorithms which were explained in this course. Although, Mr. Kubakaddi explains image processing concepts or how to use matlab tools, he also explains the mathematical background for each area of image processing. Again, I thank Mr. Kubakaddi for his help, support, and encouragement.

Fahad Alqahtani

Academic Researcher

Computer Research Institute

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia

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