I can do my researches and improve my projects with good understanding

I am Khalid Alqahtani, an employee at KACST in Saudi Arabia. I took a Medical Image processing. As I am doing image processing projects with computer science background, I do not have basic knowledge about this subject. Mr. Sanjeev gave me the basic concepts Khalid Alqahtaniabout signal processing, image processing and medical images as well. He transferred all information in fabulous way and he was pleased to answer any questions about the course. Every day, after we take lecture, there is a computer lab which can do all what we learn with strong support by Mr. Sanjeev to encourage us and solve any problem which may face us in MATLAB or any concepts of the course. Now, I can do my researches and improve my projects with good understanding. I thank Mr. Sanjeev Kubakaddi and the ITIE Knowledge Solution company as well for help in this course.

Khalid Alqahtani

Academic Researcher

Computer Research Institute

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Saudi Arabia

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