I am thankful to ITIE for making me an INDEPENDENT LEARNER…

ITIE Knowledge Solutions, not only by name but by their initiatives and action has proved its worth. amitesh picThey don’t train the students in the courses they provide, they actually create Independent Learners who develops an unbounding capacity to learn and develop high critical and analysing thinking skills. They are the CREATORS and not the trainers. I did my short term training on Digital Signal Processing and Digital Image processing. This field have always aroused interest in me and had strong desire to learn it. Prior to joining this institute, I had literally no knowledge about the DSP and DIP. The trainers knowledge in this field has unknown depth. Although it involved lot of mathematics, they could actually make us math clearly visualise. They were always inspiring and readily solved even the small doubt but then followed the logical chain of analysis and thinking process that opens our brain to every domain. The assignments and the case studies was really useful exposing us to real world problem and giving us the challenging opportunity to work on hands on projects. Now I can easily exploit this Knowledge to my benefit in research and project work. I am thankful to ITIE Knowledge Solutions for making me an INDEPENDENT LEARNER.  

Amitesh Kumar Sah

B.Tech Third year (3/4)

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

National Institute of Technology Warangal

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