Biomedical Signal Processing training

Biomedical Signal Processing training was structured well and tailored to address my need of applying the DSP concepts to Biomedical signals. Mr. Kubakaddi’s knowledge of the subject and his style of teaching were very instrumental in me learning about the subject from a practical stand point of view even though there is a lot of mathematics involved. His style of teaching made the understanding of the subject easier and to visualize what happens at different stages of processing. Exercises and the course materials in MATLAB also helped me understand the concepts easily without having to go thru the math rigorously. Supplementing this knowledge with how it is done mathematically gave me a good understanding of the subject as to why certain things are done in a certain way. Overall this training gave me a good foundation to start applying the concepts that were covered in the class. The support and guidance from the teaching team was great! I had a great experience with Mr. Kubakaddi and his training.

 – Satish Narayanan, Senior Software Professional, MA, USA

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