Multimedia Technology and Signal Processing

Multimedia Technology and Signal Processing


  • Media Standards (Video/Image Encoders and Decoders)
    • H.264 (Main Profile, Baseline Profile)
    • Real Video(10 and 9)
    • WMV9 (Advanced Profile, Main Profile, Simple Profile)
    • MPEG-4 (Advanced Simple Profile, Simple Profile)
    • H.263
    • MPEG-2 (Main Profile)
    • JPEG
    • Video Post Processing
      • De-blocking, Noise reduction, De-interlacing, Scaling, Rotation, Color conversion, Blending,
      • Sample rate coverters
      • Picture quality improvements
    • Audio Codecs
      • AAC, WMA, MP3, RA
    • File formats
      • 3GPP, MP4, AVI, ASF, MOV
    • Digital TV standards
      • DVB-T, ATSC, ISDBT
    • Product development
      • Complete product design and development.
      • Algorithm Development and improvement
      • Integration, Porting and Optimization of MIPS and Memory for various media platforms
      • Streaming framework for multimedia applications
      • API development for easy interfacing
      • Test content creation
      • Execution Architecture

Key Offerings

  • Development of Broadcast and Media player applications
  • Development of video/audio codecs, video post processing on  various SOCs, applications processors, multi-core DSPs and accelerators
  • Algorithm development to support picture quality in high definition video
  • Porting and optimization of video and audio codec for media processor platforms
  • System integration of execution architecture support for various SOCs
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