Automotive Software Development

itie Knowledge Solutions has extensive experience in Embedded Software for Automotive Domain,  we undertake  software development, software testing as well as system testing of software. Our engineers have prior experience of working with OEMs and Tier-I being involved in all phases of the development lifecycle starting from requirements up to system and vehicle testing. We leverage on this experience together with good automotive system knowledge to provide end to end product solutions to our clients.

Our team has the expertise to understand complex automotive requirements and undertake projects in the areas of ECU software, AUTOSAR, Diagnostics, in-vehicle networking, Modeling and Simulation. We also have extensive experience in automotive communication bus systems such as CAN,   K-Line, LIN, MOST. 


Electronic Control Units (ECU) – Design and Development.

  1. Hardware  development
  2. Complete driver and API interfaces for various processors families.
  3. Application software development
  4. Model based software development

Focus Areas

  1. Body electronics & Infotainment
  2. Remote Key Solution (One way and Two Way)
  3. Passive Keyless Entry and Passive Keyless Go
  4. Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
  5. Vehicle Comfort & Safety
  6. Driver information Systems
  7. Navigation systems

In Vehicle Networking

  1. Vehicle Network Management and communication Gateways using CAN, LIN, MOST, and Flex Ray
  2. Drivers for communication modules on different micro-controller platforms
  3. Automotive Protocol stack development / porting – LIN protocol, CAN protocol stack, Flexray protocol stack, J1939,UDS protocol stack, KWP2000 protocol stack.
  4. Application layer software for communication
  5. Performance Analysis

Verification and Validation Services

  1. Static code checks & analysis using tools like RTRT, Polyspace, QAC, and PC-Lint
  2. Validation of automotive software at various levels of testing starting from unit level until system testing
  3. Test suite automation using scripts and modeling tools like Lab view
  4. Validation on vehicle simulators
  5. Hardware in loop or HIL testing


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