DSP & Image Processing Training using Scilab

Course content Details: Brief course content is provided below.

Day 1
Introduction to Scilab 
  • Why Scilab?
  • Pros & Cons
  • Software Architecture
  • Variables and datatypes
Handling Arrays & Matrix
  • Basic Matrix operations
  • Indexing
  • Using Built in functions
Flow Control
  • Loops- for, while, do
  • Conditions- If else, select case
Day 2
Handling files
  • Basic input-output functions
  • How to create user defined functions
  • Passing and returning multiple arguments
Plotting options
  • Simple plots – 1D,2D, 3D
Basic Math operation
  • Solving Equations
  • Simple Examples
Day 3
Introduction to Matlab
  • Architecture
  • Matrix operation, Flow control, Functions,
  • Structures, cells, Plots
Interfacing Matlab and Scilab
  • M to S conversion
   Day 4
Basics of Signal Processing
  • Basic DSP principles
  • Signals, system, convolution, correlation, digital filters, transforms, modulation
Scilab for 1D Signal Processing
  • Simple Scilab examples
Day 5
Basics of Image Processing
  • Digital Image, image enhancement, mage segmentation, filtering
  • IP in scilab examples
Scilab for control applications
  • Simple control/ network programs in Scilab
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